Why do these cost more than the other North American brands of work clothes that I usually buy?
A: The materials used and the quality of the product is reflected in the price and also consider that they will greatly out last the standard North American work wear so they are actually more competitive in the long run while making you more productive and comfortable at work.

How much do the pants shrink when I wash them?
A: The pants don’t shrink or stretch out at all with use, the size they are now is the size they stay.

How do I pick a pant size?
A: The sizes are very close to most common jeans and pants waist wises, just a bit tighter than regular pants so its best to get a size up than you normally wear and length wise they are slightly longer than standard so the 34 length is very long I recommend them just for very tall people. If you are in the greater Vancouver area we will gladly provide on site fittings.

What if I order a size and it doesn’t fit?
A:Just send them back and we will gladly exchange them. It does not apply to sale items.

Can I return a sales item?
A:All sale items are considered final.

Do you have any womens sizes?
A: Currently we don’t stock any but we have some sample. We can bring in anything from the catalog so please ask and we will include it in our next shipment.

There are items in the catalog that I want but you don’t have it listed on your site for sale?
A: Everything from the catalog is available just ask and we will bring it in for you, we are working on increasing the items that we stock so any feedback on items you would like is greatly appreciated.

Do you have retail location in Canada?
We have a showroom in Vancouver open by appointment and we also offer a mobile service that can be booked by phone 778-865-8225