Neck Down Workwear is located in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Neck Down Workwear was conceived by a Swedish-Canadian founder after being asked for years about his workwear. Daniel grew up in Sweden where all trade people wear these clever garments. When he moved to Canada, it was no question what brand of workwear he wanted to use while on the job.

Neck Down Workwear is a family owned business with plans to continue growing and expanding the number of items we carry in stock. We can bring in anything from the catalogue, so please just contact us if you're interested in an item you don't find in our shop. All our products are imported from Björnkläder Sweden.


Our Purpose
Neck Down Workwear fulfills its core purpose: to improve comfort and safety of workers. We do that by offering traditional work pants and innovative garments with the knee pads and/or tool pockets. Comfort, durability, and functionality.